ConCom Adapts to Snow, Cold, and Space

When a conflict in time and location occurred during the Wednesday meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission, Chairman Norm Hills took it all in stride and herded the board, audience and presenters into Diane Drake’s office.

The relocation was necessary because the Marion School Committee, due to a scheduling conflict, was occupying the space where the Marion Conservation Commission usually met.

Drake is the Conservation Commission’s secretary, the ‘go to gal’ for the board, and all-around town person for conservation questions and issues.

Drake’s office was quite cozy, informal and comfortable with photos of her and her family, friends, and an apparently loved pet, a Great Dane.

One of the applicant’s representatives brought his son, who read a book during the proceedings, which made for an intimate group of citizens in a very small space.

As things go, everyone adapted.

After getting comfortable on the frigid evening, the board, applicants and attendees discussed the agenda, with the first item being the committee’s cancelled site visit to 21 Autumn Lane. Carol C. and Peter H. Hulton have submitted a Request for Determination of Applicability to construct a 14’ by 16’ foot single-story dining room addition with a small entry porch and steps behind the garage.

Chairman Norm Hills opened the discussion by saying that the snowstorm last Saturday delayed the appointed visitation prior to the meeting. “I can’t remember the last time we could not do an inspection,” said Hills, who has been a board member for many years.

Secretary Diane Drake responded by saying that there have only been four times in twenty years when a site visit has been cancelled.

On the Houlton request, Mr. Hills said that a wetland behind the house requires the committee to do a site visit before making a recommendation. Due to the snowstorm the previous weekend, the site visit did not occur, and the board agreed that a visit, in decent weather, was needed before a decision could be made.

Next up was a Request for Determination of Applicability for Chapter 91 Waterways licensing of an existing gangway and float – the pier itself is already licensed ­– by N. George and Laurie A. Host of 456 Point Road.

David Davignon of D. Schneider & Associates represented the applicant. According to Davignon, the current owners purchased the property in 2012, and the previous owner had been putting in a float and taking it out for over 35 years. Davignon noted that the Harbormaster was aware of the practice.

“We want to get rid of the annual permitting of putting the float in and out and make it permanent, although that may not be right now,” said Davignon. The board agreed to discuss the issue.

Cynthia Callow Trinidad, who was approved to be an associate member of the Conservation Commission at the December meeting, attended the meeting and joined in the discussion of the matters at hand. The committee welcomed her aboard as an Associate Member.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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