Committee Chairperson Steps Down

School Committee Chairperson Peter Bangs officially stepped down from his position Wednesday evening, and the newly appointed Chairperson and former Vice Chairperson Joseph Scott stepped in mid-meeting to get a head start for next year, which would be his first full year.      “I have some family imposed term limits,” said Bangs.  “I am resigning as chair.”

This was his fifth year at the position in the district, and he said that five years was the term limit that he and his family had previously agreed on.

Scott took the opportunity to thank Bangs for his past work with the Committee, who also appointed Treasurer James O’Brien as interim Vice Chairperson for the remaining two meetings this school year.  An official re-organization of the Committee will take place in June.

The Board also approved two fundraisers for the upcoming months.  One event to be approved by the Committee was an NCAA tournament bracket challenge to benefit Brandon Correia, an alumnus of ORR and former goalie for the hockey team who is in need of a liver transplant. Mike Jenkins, who is a health teacher and a hockey coach at the high school, has organized the fundraiser, which will donate all of the proceeds to the “Make a Save for Brandon” fund.

According to Principal Michael Devoll, the fundraiser will consist of collecting $5 donations for students to participate in a bracket challenge for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, which takes place every March.  The winner would receive bragging rights, and the Committee recommended that the donation be made in the winner’s name.

“I think it’s a great cause and it’s a great fundraiser,” said Scott.

The other event to be approved was for a “Date Auction” event and student fundraiser to assist the Senior Class with expenses from prom and other events as their year winds down.

The auction, which will occur at night, will place willing members of the student body up for bid, with the highest bidders winning a “date” with the person of their choice.  According to Senior Student Council President Abby Hiller, the event will be sponsored in part by donated gift cards from several area businesses, which would go to the winners.  She also said that there would be entertainment from several volunteers as well as school trivia.

““It will be an event for the entire school,” said Hiller.   “You’ll get to know the person before you bid on them.  It’s a big community event.”

In other news, the board discussed a new teacher evaluation policy that is now in its beginning stages with hopes of being officially implemented for September 1 of next year.  The new policy was introduced to teachers at an in-service earlier that day.  According to Rochester Middle School Principal Kevin Brogioli, the goal of the new policy is to ultimately improve the outcome for the student body as a whole.

“It was a step in the right direction,” added Devoll.

Bangs also notified the Board of the Chairperson’s report, which will be presented at the Joint School Committee meeting scheduled for March 21.

“This is our opportunity to advise the superintendant,” said Bangs.  “If you have something that you think the superintendent should be hearing, please bring those thoughts with you.”

He also said that this is not an evaluation, but rather a progress report on the Superintendent’s goals set prior to the school year.

The next ORR School Committee meeting will be held Wednesday, April 12.

By Nick Walecka

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