Clean Up at Park Place Lot

The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission voted in favor of a Request for Determination of Applicability for a project that would clean up an empty lot at Park Place.  The renovation to the lot would serve as a precursor to a larger project down the road that would include the construction of a new home.

“Currently, we have a vacant lot with has a nice dwelling to the left and right of it.  This lot was cleared when the development was constructed but nothing got built there, so there’s a lot of brush and debris that they want to clean up,” said engineer Al Ewing on behalf of Eric Smith, who filed the RDA

Most of the work will take place outside of the wetland buffer zone.

The project was part of a larger but unfinished plan that came before the Commission in 2003.

“I just wanted to make sure that grubbing the lot doesn’t include the removal of loam,” said Commissioner Bob Rogers.  “That would be my only thing- making sure none of that material is removed.”

The Commission voted in favor of the plan on the condition that no soils would be removed from the site.

Next, the Commission heard from engineer Michael Kosta on behalf of Michael and Suzanne Clancy of 5 Woodbine Road.  The applicants have filed an RDA to raze the single-family dwelling currently on the property and replace it with a new structure.

The new house would be built on the same footprint as the existing home.

Kosta said that part of the lot is located in a Zone X flood area and the odds are slim that the new home would experience flooding problems in the event of a storm.  He cited the long-standing success of exiting homes in the neighborhood and the lack of flood damage accrued over the years.

“Around the lot are developed lots from previous years.  There’s a tennis court to the south.  There are no resource areas within 100 feet of the lot,” Kosta said.

The Commission voted in favor of the plan adding no special conditions.

The Commission then heard from Paul O’Hara of 11 Beach Street.  O’Hara filed an RDA to construct a large addition off the rear of the dwelling, using sonotubes as footings.

“The project is to construct a 14-foot wide addition on the back of this cottage.  There will be eight sonotube footings.  No grading changes will be made,” said engineer Christian McCulloch.

None of the Commissioners had any reservations over the plan, which must still be reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Abutter Maryann Hickey, who lives next door, was concerned about water run-off, but since no changes to the grading would be made, McCulloch said there wouldn’t be an issue.

The Commission voted for the plan unanimously and attached no special conditions to the RDA.

The Commissioners then held a continued hearing for William Macropoulos, who has been seeking an “after-the-fact” approval for a stonewall structure he constructed on his property 12 Howard Beach Road.

At the November 14 meeting, the Conservation Commission voiced their concern over the wall because it was built without being permitted and absent a design from a professional engineer.

Macropoulos at the time said he was not aware that he needed to apply for permits before building the wall.  Newton said he was not confident the wall would stand up to another storm like Sandy and should be removed.  The hearing was continued because it did not have a DEP file number.

Building Commissioner Andy Bobola said that since last meeting, Macropoulos had removed the stone and mortar associated with the wall and returned the grading as it was before he built the wall.

“I suggested Mr. Macropoulos move to withdraw without prejudice,” Bobola said.

Commissioner Ken Dawicki pointed out that the removal of the wall, while preferred, was problematic because Macropoulos removed it without giving proper notice.

“What we should do is tie it into his Notice of Intent or else it becomes another after-the-fact thing,” Dawicki said.

Chairman Newton suggested Macropoulos holding out a bit long to let conservation agent Elizabeth Leidhold more time to review the case so she can offer him a revised plan on how to best build a wall on that location.  The hearing was continued until the meeting on December 10.

In other business, the Commission was to hold a public hearing for James McGrath of 38 Ocean Drive, but the applicant requested a continuance in writing previous to tonight’s meeting.  The Commission also voted to continue a hearing for David Nicolosi of Fairhaven Road per request of the applicant.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission will be on Monday, December 10, 2012, at 6:30 pm.

By Eric Tripoli


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