BYOB Events at Music Hall Discussed

A lively discussion was held regarding a Mattapoisett native who wants to hold concerts at the Marion Music Hall and have BYOB evenings.

“Our aim is to have a local venue to come together, hear music and enjoy each other’s company in a community spirit,” said Mitchell Suzan, a police officer of 30 plus years in Mattapoisett and who will soon retire.

“These would be occasional weekend events from 8:00 to 10:30 pm with jazz and blues and mellow concerts for adults to come together and socialize…that’s the motive,” said Suzan. Mitchell Productions is a Suzan organization which has run the teen dances at the Mattapoisett wharf and at the Knights of Columbus in Mattapoisett for many years.

Instead of moving ahead quickly, the board decided to consider the proposal, explore it, and vote on it at their next meeting in early December. The BYOB issue was discussed, and it was decided that it needed more consideration, especially regarding whether the applicant should or might purchase liquor liability insurance.

Selectman Steve Cushing recommended that the board seek the opinion of Town Counsel Jon Witten before deciding on the request.

Next up, the board discussed the NSTAR energy audit which had numerous recommendations. Both the Finance Committee and Town Administrator Paul Dawson commended the work done by the contractor. “I recommend TNT Energy, which is a sub-contractor for NSTAR, who has done a stellar job here in Marion”, said Dawson.

The board voted and approved the agreement to have TNT Energy continue with town energy improvements.

In other business, the board approved Shawn Cormier’s employment contract as the new Facilities Director of Marion.

Town Administrator Paul Dawson brought up the issue of former employees of the town seeking “contributory compensation” from the town. This complicated issue, regarding two former town employees seeking compensation needed more discussion which will be held in Executive Session in a meeting to be held soon.

The board approved the appointment of Ruth Olsen to the Affordable Housing Trust which meets the second Monday of the month. “We didn’t have a quorum at the last meeting,” said Steve Cushing, adding “…this is good news that someone wants to serve our community.”

Last, but not least, Jody Dickerson asked the community, via community television and via print media, to find residents who would like to be members of the Marion Fireworks Committee. “We did a great job last year and had fireworks that were outstanding…let’s continue this Marion tradition…please join our committee,” said Dickerson.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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