Busy Night for Con Com

With a full board in attendance after the holiday break, Mattapoisett’s Conservation Commission heard several applications.

First up was David Davignon of Schneider & Associates representing Robert and Lisa Barboza of 5 & 7 Shore View Avenue. Their proposed project is the construction of a boardwalk over an existing jetty. Davignon described the details of the construction process that would include activities both on the land and from the water since a 40-foot extension is also planned.

Several abutters to the property came in support while one abutter, David Wordell, voiced opposition. Wordell’s opinion was that the existing jetty was sufficient for water access and recreational activities, and he was concerned that by extending the pier, boats would not be able to easily maneuver in that area. Commission member Tom Copp also expressed his concern that storm water movement would be restricted by the erection of a walkway over the jetty and extension thereof. Copp said, “I worry about the down drift impact of this,” in reference to a seasonal shellfish bed contiguous to the jetty. In the end, it was determined that the project could move forward given that the jetty has been in place for more than 40 years without negative environmental impact issues. The vote was carried in spite of Copp’s negative vote.

Then followed a Request for Determination of Applicability filed by Sally Curtis and Pamela Moller of 83 Aucoot Road for a small addition and enclosed porch. The commission found that they did not have any jurisdictional overview with the project, and they thanked the applicant for checking in with them.

David Davignon was back for an informal discussion regarding the installation of a ‘Real Estate for Sale’ sign for property located at 0 Marion Road. Davignon described the need to cut down some brush and shrubs in order to install the sign and make it visible to the traffic moving on both sides of Route 6. The commission agreed to the work as described.

The agent’s report followed. Elizabeth Leidhold told the commission that a hearing was scheduled this week for Good Speed Island’s DEP certificate of compliance. She would keep the group informed after her participation at that hearing. Leidhold also said that she recently received some complaints from residents on Mattapoisett Neck Road about wetland filling activities across from 28 Mattapoisett Neck Road. She has taken some photographs and will share those with the commission as it does appear to be true. She plans to send the property owner a letter inquiring about the work that is taking place at the site.

Chairman Peter Newton then discussed a request that he received from the Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Department asking the commission’s support of ongoing work on Ram Island for the protection of endangered sea birds. He said that they, along with the town administrator, are simply looking for support of the project but that such support would not commit the commission to any permitting in the future.

Paul Osenkowski was recognized and voiced his concern about the Federal government’s failed efforts on the island. He said, “…the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result…” Osenkowski said that for years the Federal government has been modifying Ram Island in an effort to assist the population of endangered birds and has failed miserably. He said they have even poured sand from aircraft in the past to increase the sandy areas for the birds – sand that has been washed away by storms. He urged the commission not to sign or send a letter in support of the project.

Chairman Newton appreciated Osenkowski’s appeal, but in the end the commission felt they could support the effort especially since it did not commit the commission to any permitting that would be required in the future. Osenkowski felt that the letter would indeed commit the commission. The commission agreed to draft a letter in support of the request and vote on it at the next meeting.

The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission meets again on January 27 at 6:30 pm.

By Marilou Newell

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