Budget Concerns and Fall Bylaws

Town Administrator Richard LaCamera said that because the State Legislature has not approved Governor Deval Patrick’s recent budget proposal, the assessment for the minimum amount the town of Rochester would be responsible for would decrease for fiscal year 2014.

Though disapproval of the budget and subsequent reformulations benefitted Rochester, Marion and Mattapoisett will have increased allocations in 2013.

“We just can’t continue to function this way,” said LaCamera, noting that it’s taxing on the school systems and the towns to have such a fluctuation in the minimum from year to year. “This is a major concern.”

In other news, Selectmen discussed approved five proposed bylaw changes to be amended at fall Town Meeting. One notable amendment is for a medical marijuana bylaw that would legalize the growth of marijuana within the town.

“This is to actually allow the growing of marijuana,” said Chair Naida Parker.

The four other approved bylaws have to do with other aspects of town planning, including two for site plan reviews, one on changes in the definitions of what is a roadside stand and what is a farm stand, another to adjust the hierarchy of the structure when it comes to town planning.

Selectmen said that they are looking at a date of November 25 for fall Town Meeting.

By Nick Walecka


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