Aucoot Septic System Gets OK

The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission voted unanimously to approve a Notice of Intent to renovate an old septic system for a single-family home at 41 Aucoot Road.

The matter was brought before the Commission in December when it was learned that some of the work was started without the project being completely authorized by the town.

 “We were here last month for the Request for Determination, but as you remember, the contractor had jumped the gun on starting the construction of the leaching area,” said engineer Ken Ferreira on behalf of the applicant.  The contractor involved made a formal apology to the Commission at that meeting and promised that he would be more vigilant about the process as the project continued forward.

Ferreira submitted new plans tonight that reflected some changes, including flag lines.

 “It was important to the new owners because this becomes the official flag line,” he said.

Ferreira also submitted the as-built plan for the septic system, which was moved five feet further from the wetlands from the previous system.

The Conservation Commission also held a continued hearing for William Macropoulos of 12 Howard Beach regarding an after-the-fact Notice of Intent to erect a stone barrier wall for protection around a garden area on his property.

Macropoulos had previously constructed his own wall but the Town of Mattapoisett has ordered him to remove it as it was not permitted and did not conform to building code.  Macropoulos has instead filed an NOI for a dry stonewall requiring no cement or mortar to be built by a contractor.

 “My apologies for the misunderstanding to the extent of that,” Macropoulos said regarding his building of the wall without permission.  He added that he plans on using whatever material he can from the first wall in the construction of the new wall.

The Commission voted in favor of the NOI on the condition that all the mortar from the existing wall is to be removed from the premises.

 In other business, a public hearing scheduled for David Nicolosi regarding an NOI for the construction of a wetland and intermittent stream crossing on property near Fairhaven Road was continued until February.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission will be on Monday, January 28, 2013, at 6:30 pm at the Town Hall.

By Eric Tripoli

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