ALS Service to Start November 1

With everything so far going according to schedule, Rochester is set to move forward on Advanced Life Support (ALS) service starting November 1.

Town Administrator Richard LaCamera said that available paramedic positions have been filled, and revenues for the past few months have averaged over $27,000 per month, well above the $25,000 per month estimated to cover ALS service.

“We’re right on line,” said LaCamera, who noted that the estimated cost per year is $200,000. “If all goes as planned, we’ll be ready for November 1.“

“It’s big stuff,” added Board Chairperson Naida Parker, with Selectman Richard Nunes echoing her sentiments.

In other news, two new members were added to the Old Colony School Committee, including former Selectman David Hughes and former Greater New Bedford Vocational Principal Michael Gagliardi.

Gagliardi, who spent 36 years total at GNB Vocational, takes the place of Gus Costa, who recently passed away, and Hughes, who has also served on the Planning Board and who currently serves as Park Commissioner and Constable, takes over for Fred Underhill, who recently retired from his position.

“I think you’ve got some very big shoes to fill at the school,” Parker said. “It’s going to be a challenge for anyone coming in.”

Costa, who was Chairman of the Old Colony School Committee, recently passed away after a brief illness.

“He was very dedicated and hardworking at the job,” said Underhill, who was also on hand. Underhill said that he himself made the decision to retire per order of his doctors.

“I also will miss the school, but it’s one of those things I’ve had to do,” Underhill said.

LaCamera also discussed the “Right to Farm” signs proposed by David Smith of the Rochester Agricultural Commission. He said the original proposal Smith presented came out to $75 per sign (without post), and that recently, Highway Surveyor Jeff Eldridge said he could obtain the signs for $55 per sign (without post). In all, the signs would be $85.95 per sign, with a total of 13 signs proposed.

A decision has not yet been made as to when they will move forward ordering the signs. At the last meeting, Board members said they might have to wait until next year to come up with the money for the signs.

By Nick Walecka 



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