40B Bike Path Tops Agenda

A strip of land adjacent to the recently approved 40B project along Route 105 in Marion was a major topic of discussion at the Marion Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday evening. Ken Steen, a representative for the Baywatch Realty Trust, came before the board and wanted a final vote on the proposed land swap for the bike path area.

It didn’t happen.

All three board members posed questions and wanted more time to discuss the issue, which included the options of: turning the proposed land over to the town of Marion or to the Sippican Lands Trust. Both options posed issues regarding long-term maintenance of the property. Eleven years ago, the bike path was one of the primary issues in discussions in allowing the project to happen. Selectman John Henry noted that during the meeting, saying “this is a major component of the greenway, bike path, linking our Southcoast, we need to secure this link.”

“This is a new issue and we need time to digest it,” Selectman Steven Cushing said.      “There are various fiscal and maintenance issues to explore,” Henry agreed.

Next up was a discussion with Pamela Marean, Development Specialist for the town of Marion, regarding a GIS (Geographical Informational System) grant that would improve land use abilities in any area of the Tri-Town. “This is a great opportunity,” Henry said. But, other questions, such as fees for those doing the legwork, emerged. The Selectmen held off on a vote until more questions could be answered.

Next up was a request from Nicholas Carnazza for approval for an aqua cultural application. The board asked the applicant for more specific information regarding the dimensions of the area.

Jennifer Francis, a member of the Marion Energy Management Committee, spoke and said that the Marion Planning Board and the Marion Energy Management Committee would go before Fall Town Meeting with the compromise that the two committees had agreed to. She said that she hoped the town would approve with the new Solar Bylaw.

The Selectmen agreed to approve the Halloween Parade, sponsored by the Marion Art Center, to be held at 4:00 pm. Also, a November 2 fundraiser for the Friends of the Marion VFW was approved.

Next up was a discussion of warrant items for the October 28 Fall Town Meeting. The members of the board split the agenda and will report back on the proposed issues prior to the Town Meeting.

Lastly, Henry noted the passing of Lucia Davis, wife of former Fire Chief Robert Davis.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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