Much Ado About Nothing at ORR

Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare, will be performed by the students in the Old Rochester Regional High School Theater Elective on Thursday, May 22 in the high school auditorium.

In the re-imagined setting of WWII, complete with music by the Andrews Sisters, Shakespeare’s romantic comedy comes alive. Returning soldiers – Don Pedro, Claudio and Benedick – visit the home of their good friend, Leonato. There, Claudio falls in love with Leonato’s daughter, Hero. Meanwhile, Benedick and Beatrice (Leonato’s niece) continue their battle of wits. To pass the time before the wedding of Claudio and Hero, the guests play tricks on Beatrice and Benedick to make them fall in love with each other. The play takes a serious turn when Don John, Don Pedro’s brother, plots to ruin Claudio by smearing Hero’s reputation. In the end, however, Don John’s ruinous plot is exposed and the wedding finally takes place.

Theater is an elective course offered by the English Department at Old Rochester Regional High School. The class meets during the second semester and is open to students in grades 9-12. Twenty-one students will take part in the cast and crew of Much Ado About Nothing. The cast includes Senior Ian Hibbert as Benedick; Freshman Avery Nugent as Beatrice; Senior Jeremy Bare as Claudio; Junior Marie Sylvester as Hero; Senior Sam Resendes as Don Pedro; Freshman Timothy Schroeder as Leonato; and Junior Kate McGraw as Dogberry.

The show is directed by English teacher Kathleen Brunelle with Senior Emily Hyde as assistant director and Junior Gwyneth Plante as stage manager.

Presented in the Gilbert D. Bristol Auditorium of Old Rochester Regional High School, Much Ado About Nothing will be presented on Thursday, May 22 at 7:00 pm. Admission is free. For more information, contact Kathleen Brunelle at

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