Mission Trip – The Craddock Center

Volunteers are getting closer to their June departure! About two-dozen people continue to prepare for a Mission Trip to the Craddock Center in Cherry Log, GA. Participants are doing special reading programs, taking part in very rich discussions, and chipping away at the fundraising goal of $15,000. Everyone needs to be involved! Attend as many events as you can and bring your friends!

If you would like to participate in the mission trip but can’t go this year, here are some suggestions to contribute financially:

Sponsor a volunteer – cover the cost for food & lodging for the week = $500

Cover the cost of gas for one van for the week = $100

Cover the cost of food for one day = $50

Contribute a cash gift in any amount you’d like.

Volunteers will be part of a pilot program to deliver food, fun and learning to youngsters living in remote areas of Southern Appalachia. They also plan to provide age-appropriate books for the primary grade kids and build bookshelves for storing those already on site.

Also, participants look forward to sharing experiences upon their return. Make checks payable to the Mattapoisett Congregational Church (send to 27 Church St., P.O. Box 284 in Mattapoisett) and write “Mission Trip” on the memo line.

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