Mattapoisett Friends Alternative Gift Fair

An Alternative Gift Fair – believed to be the first for the Tri-Town area – will be held in Mattapoisett on November 9 to benefit several nonprofits.

The idea was brought forward by Mattapoisett Friends Meeting member Alan Harris as a way to provide additional financial support for non-profits on the local and national level. His parents have taken part in similar fundraisers at a New Hampshire church.

The fair provides space for each nonprofit to set up exhibits and receive donations. In addition to outright donations by cash or check, some of the organizations will offer gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions.

For example, the Mattapoisett Land Trust will offer T-shirts and other merchandise, gift memberships as well as conduct a silent auction. The auction will feature objects d’art including an 11-inch carved alabaster profile of the Wampanoag chief, Metacomet, by Hugh Kelly, and a painting of ducks on a saltmarsh by his wife, Donna. They are residents of Weston and own a summer home at Aucoot.

SERRV, a national organization, will offer special Fair Trade gifts from around the world.

Other nonprofits invited include Habitat for Humanity, Friends of the Bike

Path, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Heifer Project International, Sanga Sangai, and Smile Train.

The Saturday event will run from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Quaker church hall, 103 Marion Rd., Mattapoisett. The success of this venture will determine if it will be repeated in the future. So, please make every effort to take part.

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