Halloween at the Mattapoisett Library

“Spooky Halloween” at the Mattapoisett Library – Jeff Belanger is returning to town and will take you on a multi-media journey through Halloween at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library on Tuesday, October 16 at 6:00 pm. Get ready to explore all of Halloween’s aspects from the holiday’s haunted history to the many ghostly legends that lurk around the world. The Celts believed that this day marked the time when the veil between the world of the living and the dead was at its thinnest. Get ready to be spooked!

This program is co-sponsored by the Friends of the Library and is intended for teens and adults. Jeff Belanger is the author of over a dozen books that have been published in six languages, he’s the writer and researcher for the Ghost Adventures show on the Travel Channel, the host of the widely popular Web and cable talk show 30 Odd Minutes, and a recognized media personality appearing on hundreds of radio and television programs and networks worldwide including: the History Channel, the Travel Channel, Biography, PBS, Living TV (UK), The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show and Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, National Public Radio, The BBC, Australian Radio Network, Coast to Coast AM, and The “X” Zone.

92 Second Street: The Victorian “Amityville Horror” – Join Tim Weisberg at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, October 30 at the Mattapoisett Library to explore fascinating paranormal experiences. Whether Lizzie Borden “took an axe” or not, the fact remains that on August 4, 1892, two people were slain at 92 Second Street in Fall River, MA. In the years since this tragedy, many have sought to uncover the clues as to who exactly killed Andrew and Abby Borden on that dreadful day and if Lizzie Borden played a hand in the deaths of her father and stepmother. Now, those who visit the house — which has since become a bed and breakfast — report strange occurrences that have caused many to flee screaming in the middle of the night. Tim Weisberg has experienced such paranormal phenomena first-hand in the Borden house, and whatever spirits reside there, they’ve made it clear to him that they don’t like him poking about in their business.

In this discussion, Tim will share his personal experiences in his six-plus years of investigating of the Borden house and bring along some of the best evidence. You’ll see strange photographs, intriguing videos and hear what may possibly be the voice of Lizzie Borden herself! Tim will explain the comparisons between the Borden murders and “The Amityville Horror” case, including the psychic who shares a terrifying connection between the Borden and DeFeo murders. This program is intended for teens and adults.

Tim Weisberg is one of the world’s most recognized researchers of the paranormal. He created the Spooky Southcoast radio show along with Matt Costa in late 2005, seeking to combine an entertaining and interactive talk show format with the world of the strange and unexplained. Tim is also the author of Ghosts of the SouthCoast and co-author of Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf, and has been featured on the History Channel, BIO, the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel and LIVING TV. A sports writer by trade, Tim also covers the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots for The Standard-Times.

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