Flamingo Fundraiser

Surprise your friends and family with a lawn or lobby full of bright, pink flamingos.

Flockings will be scheduled throughout the month of January when members of the flamingo flocking crew will deliver approximately 25 birds to the unsuspecting lawn or office where they have been directed to roost.

• Flocking fee: $25 per request

• Flocking Insurance: $20

• “Who Flocked Me?” Info: $10

If you don’t like tacky pink flamingos or you just don’t want to be “tickled pink,” you can protect yourself by purchasing Anti-Flocking Insurance.

Flocking forms and FUN-draising details are available on our Facebook page “ORR Cheer 2 Disney” or by contacting “flocking helpers” Dawn Underhill (508-763-5356); Edythe Saucia-Camboia (508-667-6964); or Coach Patricia McArdle (508-758-9449).

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