Tri-Town Students Bake Bread for Charity

On Thursday, January 10, 2013, Amy Driscoll from Vermont-based King Arthur Flour company came to the Tri-Town to teach elementary and junior high school students the science behind baking bread.  The program was part of an educational intiative started by the flour company that also serves as a community outreach project.

After the assemblies, students took home two bread kits.  One loaf is to be baked for their families, the second loaf is to be donated to one of four South Coast community groups, including the Marion Council on Aging.  About 900 students across four schools participated in the program.

Marion sixth-grader Julia Winters was largely responsible for bringing the program to the district.  Check out our gallery of photos from the assembly on Thursday at Sippican School in Marion.  Driscoll was assisted by Winters and fellow sixth grader Nathaniel King.  Photos by Eric Tripoli.


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