Town Fun at Sippican Band Blast

Lyn Rivet, principal at Sippican Elementary School, is a trooper. Rivet agreed to be the first up on the dunk tank at the annual Band Blast held this Thursday, the day before school ended for the summer. The event was from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

This was the 12th year for the Band Blast, which has enabled many students who cannot afford to purchase an instrument, to learn and play musical instruments without having to pay for the instrument, which is loaned to them from the school.

Tickets were sold, and students had three tries to hit the mark, which would put Rivet in the tank. Dressed in a swimsuit top and shorts, Rivet sat and anticipated the drop into water that was not so warm.

Jackson St. Jon, a sixth-grade student, dunked Principal Rivet. “I had three shots, and the first two didn’t make it, but, on the third, it was a dead-center hit,” St. Jon said. “I think it’s wicked fun to be here, and I’m glad that I had the winning shot. Mrs. Rivet is a good sport.” St. Jon plans to spend the summer painting his grandmother’s house, mowing her lawn, and going to the beach.

“It’s always a great fundraiser for the band,” said a dripping Rivet. “I’m happy to participate, because the event raises money to fund our band program, which is not included in the school budget.”

According to Rivet, the band blast raises monies for repair and replacement of musical instruments, busses for competition transport, and other expenses related to the music provided to students at the school. “Our goal is to support the music program,” Rivet said.

Hannah Moore, head of the music department, was happy with the turnout. “Every year, our turnout increases, and we can provide every student who wants to participate in the music program, the opportunity,” said Moore, who also thanked the 100 volunteers and sponsors. Moore led the band in the entertainment for the event.

An estimated 800 people,  including families with grandparents and neighbors, attended the end-of-year celebration.

In addition to the dunk tank, participants had plenty of opportunities to support the effort by participating in the myriad of activities, which included a rattlesnake toss into a cowboy hat, roping a rocking chair horse with a lasso, panning for gold in a swimming pool, tossing shoe-horses, and a creative variety of other activities for both young and old.

“It’s been an awesome year and fun, and I had the best teachers,” said James Arne, a student who will go on to ORRJHS.

Food was a prime event, including fish-ka-bob’s, hot dogs, burgers, and other items that made for an inviting, enjoyable evening for everyone attending.

Parent Kim Berg said, “ This has been a wonderful evening, full of community, I love living here.”

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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