Think Pink Day

Fourth graders at Sippican School under the guidance of teachers, Nicole Radke, Kim Souza, MJ Menezes and Courtney Sheehan, organized the school’s first ever ‘Think Pink Day’ on Friday, October 25th. The purpose of this spirit-wear fundraiser was to build community support and recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Students created posters, shared announcements over the intercom, and delivered flyers to classrooms to promote the 1-day event.

Their determination and hard work paid off last Friday when both staff and students dressed from head-to-toe in pink and came together for an all school meeting in the multi-purpose room. Students wore pink shirts, pink pjs, pink ribbons, and even spray painted their hair hot pink. Several even wore pink tutus!

When the teachers noticed that Principal Lyn Rivet and Vice Principal Sarah Goergus were a bit underdressed, 4th graders called out for a “makeover” in which the 4th grade teachers assisted the administration in getting into the spirit of things with some pink props!

Donations were collected & counted by the 4th grade students/teachers to the sum of over $1300. All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G.  Komen Fund for research and treatment of breast cancer. Photos courtesy Nicole Radke.

SippicanPink_4m SippicanPink_4sh SippicanPink_4so SippicanPink_counting-change SippicanPink_Joe-Resmini SippicanPink_poster SippicanPink_princ_vp SippicanPink_radkids SippicanPink_support-staff

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