Students vs. Teachers, President Takes on Fish

Students and teachers did about as much playing around as they did playing basketball during the students versus teachers co-ed basketball game at Old Rochester Regional High the evening of March 7.

The teams were neck and neck throughout the evening – students in white and teachers in black – and neither team seemed to have an advantage over the other at any point during the game.

Students got a kick out of watching Senior Class President Zach Bowen have to kiss a dead monkfish, the end result of a school-wide fundraiser in which students put money into bowls marked with name of the person they would most like to see pucker up to a dead fish. Bowen was a trooper and did not put up a fight. It looked as though like he might have even enjoyed it.

It was an event not to be missed, and the crowd certainly got their money’s worth of fun and physical comedy – and perhaps, a lesson or two on how to commit a penalty and how to travel with the ball across the court. Who do you think won the game?

By Jean Perry

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