Sippican Schooner 5K Fun Run

Sunday turned out to be the perfect day for a fun run through Marion – all to benefit Sippican Elementary School student enrichment programs.

            The Volunteers at Sippican Elementary, aka VASE, is the school’s parent-teacher organization in charge of hosting events to raise money for field day, field trips, and learning opportunities for each individual classroom.

            Coordinating VASE’s second ever Sippican Schooner 5k Fun Run and Mini Fun Run was VASE member Diana Martin, who said that although there were not as many runners as last year, a “good group of 200” people came out to run and it was a beautiful day.

            “The weather was excellent,” said Martin. “We were very happy with the day.”

            Martin said she had the help of about 12 volunteers that May 4 Sunday morning, helping to organize both races – the 5k and the mini half-mile run for kids nine years and under. All 40 of the kids who ran the mini run were awarded blue ribbons for participation.

            Coming in first place out of 160 for the 5k was Tom Gelson at 18:33, followed by Jim Horan at 19:22. Coming at third place was 13 year-old Geoffrey Noonan at 19:42.

            When asked if there will be a third fun run next year, Martin said maybe, maybe not.

            “I can’t say for sure,” said Martin. “With the turnout that we had, it was just about the number to raise a little more than the cost of the event.”

            Races are expensive events to organize, said Martin, with having to pay for the race timing company, the police detail, and all the T-shirts and awards.

            This year was a fun one, though, and Martin said participants seemed to enjoy the new course, which was rerouted from last year’s race due to road work and detours.

            Martin said the next fundraiser is a new one this year – the VASE Golf Tournament on May 31 at the Little Harbor Country Club in Wareham. For more information about the event or the Volunteers at Sippican Elementary, call 508-748-1000 or email

By Jean Perry.  Photos by Felix Perez

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