Rochester Country Fair 2014

We had a great time at the Rochester Country Fair this weekend, did you? Photos by Jean Perry and Camden Gaspar.

RCF_2014_0001 RCF_2014_0014 RCF_2014_0019 RCF_2014_0020 RCF_2014_0021 RCF_2014_0033 RCF_2014_0043 RCF_2014_0055 RCF_2014_0057 RCF_2014_0064 RCF_2014_0073 RCF_2014_0076 RCF_2014_0080 RCF_2014_0087 RCF_2014_0092 RCF1_0019 RCF1_0020 RCF1_0021 RCF1_0026 RCF1_0028 RCF1_0052 RCF1_0071 RCF1_0076 RCF1_0090 RCF1_0092 RCF1_0104 RCF1_0119 RCF1_0121 RCF1_0124 RCF1_0127 RoCountryFair_Band2 RoCountryFair_Band3 RoCountryFair_Band4 RoCountryFair_Band5 RoCountryFair_Band6 RoCountryFair_Band7

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