Retired Red Sox Share Time, Skills

The current Red Sox are tearing through major league opponents, but some former Red Sox made their way to the ballfields at Dexter Lane on Saturday to face off against some of Rochester’s finest, as well to show some local youngsters around the baseball diamond.

Former Red Sox Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd, Sam Horn, Jim Corsi, Jeff Plympton and Ken Ryan all were on hand to take part in the Rochester Police Brotherhood’s first-ever benefit softball game, with the old Sox coming out on top after seven innings with a score of 12-8.

Members of crowd that turned out for the event were dazzled as the former ballers scattered long, towering shots and laser-like line drives all over the outfield. Initially, the former Sox went up big, but Rochester battled back, eventually closing the gap to only four, but their late rally fell short.

Though they didn’t pull off the victory, the Brotherhood can keep their heads high for hanging with some world-class talent. Not only can they be proud of their efforts on the field, but they can also take solace in the fact that the money raised from the game will be going to local charities.

“It was a great turnout for the first time [the event was held],” said Officer Kevin Flynn, who helped organize the event along with Deputy Chief Scott Dumas, “and the money raised from advertising in the game’s program will go to various charitable causes within the town.”

As for the clinic, the early-arriving Boyd and Horn led a group of about 20 local children through several fielding and hitting drills, and the youngsters got plenty of big league advice from some of the Red Sox former stars.

Although Officer Adam Brightman joked about how getting beaten by the Sox wasn’t fun, it seems the consensus around the park was positive following the clinic and the game, where fans and players were treated to an autograph session with the former Sox.

Children’s smiling faces could be seen lining the left field dugout fence for about 20 minutes postgame, waiting to get a sneak peak of the athletes that proceeded today’s greats at Fenway’s friendly confines. It’s fair to say that the Brotherhood might get a shot at a rematch sometime next summer, and some young future baseball stars will be back to show Boyd and Horn what they’ve learned.

By Nick Walecka

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