Plumb Library Summer Reading Winners

This year, Plumb Library in Rochester tried a new type of summer reading program.  It was formatted to include students, families, and teachers, whereas previous programs focused mainly on students.  They also let the students pick the books they wanted to read, rather than from a required list.  The new program also let students and their families log the number of books and hours they read, which were tallied at the end of the summer.  Participants were even encouraged to write reviews for the books they read. 

On Saturday, September 15, program director Lisa Fuller and the Plumb Library staff held a special party to congratulate all the participants and pass out awards to the most diligent readers and writers.  Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery from the party.

Here is the list of top readers for the summer, courtesy of Lisa Fuller.

Most Hours Read:
Adults: Lucille Morris, 335 hours
Kids: Samantha Winters, 204.5 hours
Tween/Teens: Ava DeMaggio, 242 hours

Most Reviews Written:
Adults:  Melissa Weigel
Kids:  Rachel Foye
Tweens/Tweens:  Allie Arnfield

Best Review Written:
Victoria Wheeler

DREAM TEAM Family Winners – Dads, Moms, Kids all participated
Farias Team 305 hours
Cusolito Team 289 hours
DellaCioppa Team 115 hours
Jones Team 115 hours
Crook Family 22 hours

Teacher Winners:
Julie DeSousa, ORRJHS, 185 hours
Stephanie Cyr, RMS, 93 hours
Sarabeth Morrell, ORRHS, 85 hours

Reading Role Models/Teacher Participation Awards: Melissa Farias, Sharon
Cruz, Melissa Weigel, Jamie Alves, Karen DellaCioppa, James DellaCioppa,
Marissa Hughes, Sandy Sollaeur, Scott Huckabee, Holly Ashley, Mrs. M&M,
Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Larkin (Pre-K)

Best Loggers and/or Library Activity Participants:
Kids:  The Cruz Family, The LaPointe Family, The Levasseur Family
Tweens/Teens: The Root Family, The (Karen) Perry Family, The (Heather
Z) Mello Family, The Wheeler Family

Junior High- Most Hours Read:
Gr 8: Michael Morris, Allie Arnfield
Gr.7: Jacob DeMaggio, Katelyn Feeney

High School- Most Hours Read:
9th grade:  Katrina Farias, Ben Bradford
10th grade: Angela Weigel, Victoria Wheeler
11th grade: Troy Rood

Pre-K and Elementary- Most Hours Read (Top Boy and Top Girl)
Pre-K:  Erin Root and Matt Williams
K:  Camden Jeppson and Ella Charron
1:  Allison Root, Euan Fredericka
2: Isabel Friedrichs, Jeff Radek
3: Nicholas Howarth, Emilia Pinhancos
4: Samantha Winters, Aidan Root
5: Ceci Prefontaine, Ethan Prater
6: Ava DeMaggio, Harrison Riley

By Eric Tripoli

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