New Prescription Drug Disposal Program

The Marion Police Department has partnered with the Marion Board of Health to develop a method to assist the public in getting rid of expired or unwanted prescription medications.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, The practice of flushing pharmaceuticals down the toilet is now considered to be the least desirable of all disposal methods. Once flushed down the drain or toilet, expired or unwanted medications become a source of pollution in wastewater and they generally cannot be removed by treatment plants or septic systems. Instead, these pollutants are able to pass through the treatment centers and enter rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater systems.

Additionally, proper disposal of medications rids medicine cabinets of unused and expired medications that could fall into the wrong hands.

The development of a Prescription Drug Disposal Program allows for a safer and more environmental solution for disposing of them.

The Marion Police Department will provide a Prescription Drug Disposal Program, which benefits the community by providing a safe location to drop off unused and expired medications.  A drug drop kiosk has been placed in the lobby and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Residents may bring expired or unwanted prescription medications and drop them into the drop box.  Syringes and liquid medications may not be disposed of in the drop box.

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