Mattapoisett Halloween Parade

Lots of great costumes were on display during the Mattapoisett Police Department’s Annual Halloween Parade on Wednesday night, which kicked off at Center School and winded its way through the village.  Here is a list of the winners!  Congratulations to all participants!


Preschool and Kindergarten

1st Place: Jenna Lynch, age 6, “Cupcake”

2nd Place: Lilly Parquette, age 2 ½, “Dorothy”

3rd Place: Blake Moreau, age 4, “The Wolf”


Grades 1 and 2

1st Place: David Magee, age 7, “Lego”

2nd Place: Chloe and Taylor Gleason, age 6 years and 5 months, “Little Bo Peep”

3rd Place: Kyle McCullough, age 8, “Nick’s Pizza”


Grades 3 and 4

1st Place: Maria Psichopaidas & Hollyn Turner, age 8, “Washer and Dryer”

2nd Place: John Kassabian, age 8, “Gorilla”

3rd Place: Alexander MacAllister, age 8, “Trash Can”


Grades 5 and 6

1st Place: Briana Lynch, age 10, “Claw Arcade Game”

2nd Place: Megan McCullough, age 10, “Star Wars”

3rd Place: Hunter Hanks, age 10, “Jelly Fish”


Jr. High and High School

1st Place: Meredith Urban, “Squid”

2nd Place: Callum McLaughlin, “SCARE Crow”

3rd Place: Mikayla Mooney, “Planet Earth”


Adult Gift Certificate Winners

1st Place: Nicole and Luke Cameron, “Popcorn”

2nd Place: Seth Hiller, “Fisherman”

3rd Place: Amy Martins, “Stewardess”


Scariest Costume Winners

1st Place: Freeman Bauer, age 13, “Scary Soldier”

2nd Place: Courtney Satterly, “Headless Business Woman”

3rd Place: John Butler, age 6, “Little Zombie”

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