Library Hosts Benefactor for Open House

The Elizabeth Taber Library threw a birthday party, and the guest of honor was able to cut the cake even though she’s 222 years old.

Or would be, at least.

Fairhaven resident Natalie Hemingway reprised her role as the most important resident in Marion history, Elizabeth Taber, donning period dress and presenting an illuminating speech for young and old alike on Thursday afternoon.

The appearance was a part of the Elizabeth Taber Library’s Open House, attended by dozens of Tri-Town residents.

“I’m doing my part to keep history alive,” Hemingway said. “Elizabeth Taber was a wonderful person. She loved Marion; the town meant so much to her, and she meant so much to it.”

Hemingway, 83, delighted the audience with homespun stories, jokes, and wise asides, like when she said that “Everyone is this day and age wants everything instantly, but people have to keep in mind that there is history behind everything.”

Hemingway presented a photo print of the building as it stood in the 19th century to recently installed Library Director Libby O’Neill, who thanked her and shared some thoughts with the audience.

Asha Wallace, President of the Board of Library Trustees, was “thrilled” with the event.

“I’m so happy that people are here, having a good time, and learning more about Elizabeth Taber and the library,” she said. “We are proud of our staff and grateful to the community, and I think we showed that today.”

By Shawn Badgley

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