Holiday Shopping at St. Anthony’s

The holiday season officially began in Mattapoisett on Saturday with the annual holiday sale at the church of St. Anthony of Padua on Barstow Street.  Several local vendors were featured and items for sale included custom Christmas ornaments, hand-made jewelry, and an extensive variety of baked confections.

“It kicks off the season for us,” said Megan Pellegrino of St. Anthony’s.  “I have four kids and this starts it all off for our family.”

Pellegrino has been volunteering at the sale for about five years.  This year, she was helping out at a table featuring ornaments, wreaths, and holiday centerpieces made of natural and artificial greens.

“We had about seven people working on these,” Pellegrino said.  “It’s a great opportunity for the community and the parish to come together.”

Along with a myriad of holiday gift ideas, patrons of the sale could take a few minutes away from browsing in order to enjoy the church’s lunch menu.

“We have pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, chowder, and quahogs,” said Jay Kassabian, who was assisting in the kitchen.  “It’s really fun back here.  We have plenty of help and great food.”

Kassabian’s wife, Laurie, was put in charge of the kitchen this year, who was front and center serving the guests as they passed by the window.

“It’s all good.  This has a great tradition and we’ve done pretty well so far today,” she said.

Marion residents June Schultz and her friend Joyce, who declined to give her last name, visited the sale and took time to indulge in some clam chowder.

“It’s a lovely fair.  The food is excellent.  This chowder is excellent!” said Joyce, who managed to find a Christmas-themed valance for her living room.

“You don’t see things like this everywhere,” said Schultz, who bought a wine bottle topper and miniature Christmas stocking.

“We go to a lot of craft fairs and this stuff is just so unique.  We’re definitely coming back again next year,” said Schultz.

By Eric Tripoli

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