Hey, Mattapoisett! Got Ketchup?

Those enjoying the afternoon at Ned’s Point Lighthouse on Sunday, August 17 did a double take when they suddenly saw a sight they were not expecting to see — a giant wiener on wheels parked alongside the Ned’s Point lighthouse. It was not just any wiener on wheels — it was the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, on location taking some promotional photographs from Mattapoisett’s most iconic setting.

Mattapoisett resident Denise Mello was just driving up to Ned’s Point to enjoy a dinnertime picnic at around 6:30 pm that day when she spotted the Wienermobile parked in front of the lighthouse, with several people taking a series of photos of the Wienermobile from different angles.

“Oh! How cool! Look at that!” Mello said was her initial reaction upon catching her first glimpse of the unexpected sight. She said, at first, she just sat down to enjoy her dinner and did not give much thought to peculiar sighting at the lighthouse. Then, she said, she thought she had a good chance of getting a few good photos of the Wienermobile, so she ran home to grab her camera and returned to Ned’s Point and starting clicking away.

“They were just taking pictures,” said Mello. “They told me that they were shooting a commercial.” More specifically, a time-lapse film of the Wienermobile by the lighthouse as dusk set in, which apparently the company is doing in several locations across the country.

Word must have spread that the Wienermobile was in town because soon, Mello said, more people started to drive into the Ned’s Point parking lot to get a peek at the celebrity of sorts that was passing through, maybe snapping a few selfies by the giant hotdog by the sea.

Alexandra Longo of Oscar Mayer told The Wanderer that the commercial is part of a larger project involving Kraft Foods Marketing, the parent company for Oscar Mayer.

By Jean Perry

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  1. barbara ketchel says:

    I feel like a weiner with mustard.

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