Habitat Home to be Built in Marion

The Buzzard’s Bay Area Habitat for Humanity will build its ninth home and the first in Marion, if all goes well with a comprehensive permit process.

The Planning Board approved the plan that was filed on behalf of the Open Space Acquisition Commission (OSAC) and the Marion Affordable Housing Trust (MAHT).

Christine Lacourse, Executive Director of the Buzzards Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, along with local representative George McTurk, spoke to the board. “We’re thankful for what we’ve been given and we’re trying to work with it,” said Mr. McTurk. “Our whole organization has been waiting for this… it affects our volunteer base and fundraising efforts.”

A parcel of land at 185 Wareham Street was purchased with Community Preservation Committee funds at Town Meeting in May 2009. A portion of the four-acre parcel was transferred to the OSAC and the remainder to the MAHT. Much of the parcel is wetlands, with the proposed home in an upland area on the parcel. An existing structure there will be demolished.

“We’re moving ahead and hope to take the (existing) house down and pour the new foundation [as soon as possible],” Ms. Lacourse said, adding that construction would take place in Spring of 2012. The board approved the proposal with the condition of Habitat for Humanity going through the comprehensive permitting process.

Next up was an ANR Plan by John Kendall on property located at 23 Allen Street. Paul Matos of GAF Engineering represented Mr. Kendall.  At issue were two lots, one not meeting the frontage by-law required. Mr. Matos showed a new plan with lot lines redrawn to accommodate the home on one lot and a garage on the other lot. The board approved the revised plans.

An ANR Plan was also submitted by Kenneth Mousette, care of Land Surveyors, Bruce Malcolm.  Mr. Mousette addressed the board and presented plans to subdivide his land into two parcels, creating a four-acre parcel on the rear lot which would add two, two acre lots and a roadway onto the existing parcel. The board approved the proposal.

In other business, the board agreed to defer any comment to the ZBA regarding Tabor Academy’s relief from the action or refusal to act by the Building Inspector. In a lively discussion, board members bantered back and forth, with Chairman Jay Ryder saying that he had attended the dedication of the turf fields the prior weekend and that perhaps it was time to “bury the hatchet”.

After hearing various comments from board members, both Mr. Briggs and Mr. Magauran said that it all boiled down to whether the Dover Amendment pre-empted the need for a third party review of the site plan. “I don’t think Tabor wants to set the precedent on this,” said Mr. Magauran.

“This is a much bigger issue that has to be settled on a state basis… it’s bigger than Marion and Tabor,” said Chairman Ryder.

Next up, the board discussed a Special Permit to allow larger ground and wall sign at Hiller Chrysler Dodge on Route 6.

“This is a branding issue… like Dunkin Donuts… corporate wants a certain size sign,” said Ted North. After agreeing that the sign was much bigger than current by-laws allow, the board agreed to sent the issue to the Zoning Board of Appeals with the comment that the proposed sign does not meet the specifications of current by-laws.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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