Grand Send-Off for Judy Kleven

Marion came out in full force to show appreciation for Judy Kleven, Head Librarian of the Elizabeth Taber Library, who retired on Friday after 27 years of service.

Hundreds of people came to thank Kleven during the day, but an even larger crowd came around 3:00 pm for cake and punch. The library was festooned with paper streamers, posters, and photos of her time behind the counter and in the stacks.

Many young people came bringing homemade thank you cards. A large cake shaped like a book was cut and served.

“I’ll miss her,” said Laurie Maxim. “She is such a great person with a heart of gold.” Maxim said she volunteers at the library under the Marion Senior Work Off program.

“I love coming here,” she said. “It’s therapeutic.”

The surprise of the day was a gift from fellow librarians Donna VanBuren, Rosemary Grey, and Joanne Hannon, who presented Kleven with a white ragdoll kitten. Noah, as he was dubbed, jumped in and out of the stacks, and patrons truly enjoyed his antics. Later he was put in the Childrens’ Room when the library crowd swelled.

As she hugged and shook hands with her admirers, Kleven promised that she would visit the library often and catch up with the many friends she made over her career.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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