Firefighters Feed Folks with Fundraiser

There few things in this world better than eating and helping the community, especially when one can help the community by eating.  For almost a decade that has been the formula at the Marion Fire Fighters Association spaghetti supper, which was held this year on Saturday, January 19.

“They’re coming in droves,” said Marion fire fighter and past association president, Scott Shippey.  “Last year we had eight inches of snow and we still sold out.”

Less than an hour into the meal, most of the chairs were occupied with local residents enjoying a dinner of salad, spaghetti and meatballs, with ice cream for dessert.

Proceeds from the dinner go to benefit the Marion Fire Fighters Association, which supports the fire department in a variety of ways.

“The money goes to a lot of things.  It goes to help pay for new equipment for the fire department.  Sometimes it goes to association members who may be down and out,” said Shippey.

There were about 10 people working at the dinner, but early on, two EMTs were called to respond to a local medical emergency.

“Even though we’re here tonight, we’re still taking care of the community,” Shippey said.

The supper is a win-win for both the town and the fire department.  It provides an opportunity for the local emergency personnel to meet face-to-face with the community and offers a way for people to directly help their local fire fighters.

“I think it’s a good effort,” said William MacDougall, who has served as a firefighter for over 60 years and has been a member of the association for over 40 years.

“We’ve put this together a few times and people seem to really enjoy it.  It’s good for the association and it’s good for the community,” said MacDougall.

By Eric Tripoli

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