Elks Club Student of the Month

The Elks of Wareham Lodge No. 1548 sponsors the Elks Student of the Month and Student of the Year Awards for students enrolled in local area high schools.  The criteria used in nominating a student includes a student who excels in scholarship, citizenship, performing arts, fine arts, hobbies, athletics, church, school, club and community service, industry and farming.

Freshman Sara LaFrance of Rochester was selected by the Old Rochester Regional High School faculty and staff.  Sara is an amazing young woman who finds time to help all students.  She eats lunch with one young man whenever she can, gives up study periods to help out another and whenever students are in class she’s in, she ensures that the students are her partners.

Sara does this all while juggling a rigorous academic course load and being involved in numerous activities (drama, cross country, swimming).  There are many days we say Sara is the biggest tool we have in helping our students.

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