Cook-Off Brings Out Tri-Town’s Top Chefs

Marion’s First Congregational Church hosted its third annual Soup Cook-Off with a variety of offerings from traditional clam chowder to more exotic versions like Brazilian salt cod chowder. There was roasted corn chowder, a vegetarian-style, and even a salmon chowder for the tasting and evaluating. Secret ballots were placed in waiting voting boxes after each tasting, but really everyone was a winner.

Not only were the attendees treated to the finest in soups, but there was also a table full of appetizers and another with beverages.

Prior to the partaking of the night’s main event, Rev. Sheila Rubdi gave the blessing.

Three friends who attend Old Rochester Regional Junior High School – seventh-graders Kyla Horton, Julia Winters, and Michaela Mattson – had spent the morning together cooking up their entry of kale soup. As old friends from way back in their kindergarten years, they are also members of the church’s confirmation class. The trio took first place in the kale soup division, while Kelly Horton won with her chowder entry.

The committee members for this special event were Sally Cottrill, Lillian Snead, June Strunk, Horton, Sue Mattson, and Genie Keel.

Cottrill said that the cook-off is a celebration of good food and fellowship. Funds raised go toward various fellowship activities.

Throughout the evening, the group was entertained by the smooth tunes provided by pianist Truman Tirrell.

By Marilou Newell

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