Community Comes Together

It started out as a small idea to help raise money for a family devastated by a house fire, but it’s turning into the event of the season. Music teacher Paul Halpainy from Old Hammondtown School wanted to help raise money by hosting a Coffee House-style event but once he got started, dozens of people have come forward to pledge their help. The event is being held on Friday, February 22 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at the OHS cafeteria located on Shaw Street in Mattapoisett and the lineup has something for everyone.

Some featured performers include the Stan Ellis Jazz Trio, OHS Jazz Band, Mike Bowman, and a sixth grade poetry reading. Many other students have committed to go on stage and perform as well. After the main performances, time left over will be used to allow any members of the community to perform. Whether it is singing, playing an instrument, reading poetry, or telling jokes, all are welcome, youth and adult.

There will be some table games to help families relax and enjoy themselves while there are performers on stage. This is not a talent show, it’s a time to come together and enjoy the company of the community in a positive way.

Admission to the event is $5 per person or $10 per family. Food and beverages (non-alcoholic) will be available for a low-cost donation. All payments are asked to be in cash only as all money raised will go directly to the family.

Other vendors are encouraged to jump on board to donate items for this event, such as concessions or raffle items, and can contact Paul Halpainy at

By Paul Lopes

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