Combo Lot Goes Unsold at Auction

Three parcels of land on Maple Lane went unsold on Friday at the public auction held by the Town of Mattapoisett.  The parcels were bundled together and offered as one lot with an assessed value of $234,900, but an opening bid of $20,000 was not met.

The auction, which was held at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library, had 13 tax title parcels up for bid, with values ranging between $100 and $234,900.

“Proceeds from the auction will be used for roadway improvements,” said Town Administrator Mike Gagne.  The total collected will be combined with the money that was approved for appropriation at the Annual Town Meeting to help bolster the five-year improvement plan.

Most of the lots were not considered to be buildable but abutters could purchase them to expand their existing properties.

About 40 people gathered in the ground-floor conference room at the library, most of them abutters to the properties for sale.  The Town of Mattapoisett sold 10 of the 13 listings, which included 86 Marion Road, which was considered to be the most buildable lot of them all.  The property, which had an assessed value of $192,100 sold for $81,000.

Another resident purchased two abutting lots on Marina Drive for $24,500.  Combined, the assessed value of the properties is almost $250,000.

A separate low-value land auction was held after, where only three small properties were available.  Two lots on Bowman Road were each sold for the minimum bid while a property on North Street went unsold.

Gagne said there may be more auctions in the future as the town continues to investigate more lots that might be considered buildable properties.

Here are the complete results from today’s public auction:

•0 Centre Drive: Unsold.  Assessed value- $7,200.

•0 Bay View Avenue: Sold for $4,500.  Assessed value- $6,200.

•0 Marina Drive: Sold for $10,000.  Assessed value- $124,700.

•0 Marina Drive: Sold for $14,500.  Assessed value- $124,700.

•0 Parker Street: Unsold.  Assessed value- $78,500.

•0 Cove Street: Sold for $2,000.  Assessed value- $2,200.

•0 Angelica Avenue: Sold for $10,000.  Assessed value- $7,400.

•0 Creek Street.  Sold for $2,500.  Assessed value- $100.

•0 Silver Shell Avenue: Sold for $2,000.  Assessed value- $100.

•86 Marion Road: Sold for $81,000.  Assessed value- $192,100.

•0 Maple Lane (3 parcel combination): Unsold.  Assessed value- $234,900

By Eric Tripoli

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