Cold Turkey

It was a cold start, race, and finish for the Marion Recreation Annual Turkey trot this Sunday but spirits were high. Matt Sylvain of Dartmouth took top honors for the men with a time of 18:33 and Allison Rossi for the Women with a time of 21:02. Photos by Felix Perez

TurkeyTrot_56 TurkeyTrot_55 TurkeyTrot_52 TurkeyTrot_48 TurkeyTrot_46 TurkeyTrot_44 TurkeyTrot_41 TurkeyTrot_40 TurkeyTrot_38 TurkeyTrot_36 TurkeyTrot_35 TurkeyTrot_32 TurkeyTrot_31 TurkeyTrot_27 TurkeyTrot_24 TurkeyTrot_13 TurkeyTrot_12 TurkeyTrot_8 TurkeyTrot_7 TurkeyTrot_5 TurkeyTrot_4 TurkeyTrot_3 TurkeyTrot_1

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