Boy Scout Eagle Project

Marion Troop 32’s newest Scout, Phillip Eisner, completed the work phase of his Boy Scout Eagle Project on August 10, 2014, three picnic tables for Pleasant Bay Community Boating (PBCB) in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Phillip was displaced from his home troop in Dallas, Texas when he started attending Tabor Academy in January of this year. In the spring, Phillip and his family approached Troop 32 expressing Phillip’s desire to complete his Eagle rank. His situation was complex, he lives in Dallas, goes to school in Marion and is working this summer in Chatham as a sailing instructor. With all the complexities of his life going on, getting to know his new troop, Phillip landed on a good project idea and proceeded to make it work. On Phillip’s only day off this week, Sunday, August 10, the Scouts arrived and proceeded to build while Phillip managed and guided the Scouts.   Afterwards, the Scouts delivered the picnic tables to Jackknife Beach and got permission the take the 420-class sailboats out for some fun for a couple of hours.

As with most projects, the jobs not done until the paperwork has been completed. Next Phillip will perform the final phase of his project by doing some writing that will outline the plan and its deviations, organization challenges, hiccups and problems encountered at each phase and express what he learned during the project.

Eagle-Project-001 Eagle-Project-009

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