Tabor Academy presents Grease

Grease, one of the most performed musicals in history, comes to the Tabor Academy stage on February 16, 17, and 18 at 7:30 pm. The show is free and open to the public in Tabor’s Fireman Center for Performing Arts in Hoyt Hall at 235 Front Street, Marion.

In its original production in Chicago, Grease was a raunchy, raw, aggressive, vulgar show. Subsequent productions have sanitized and tamed the show. Grease does delve into social issues such as teenage pregnancy, peer pressure, and gang violence; its themes also explore love, friendship, teenage rebellion, sexual exploration during adolescence, and, to some extent, class consciousness/class conflict. With a cast and crew of over 50 students, the Tabor cast of Grease explores these themes with light-hearted good humor through the antics of the Burger Palace Boys and Pink Ladies played as endearing caricatures.

Senior Lucy Saltonstall of Marion plays Sandy, the spunky ingénue who transforms herself into a Pink Lady by play’s end. Senior Aurelia Reynolds of Sandwich plays Betty Rizzo, the sarcastic, tough Leader of the Pink Ladies. Junior Zoe Boardman of Falmouth portrays Marty, the “beauty” of the Pink Ladies. Harding Daniel of Chatham steps up to play Kenickie, second in command of the Burger Palace Boys. Megan Carchidi from Falmouth portrays the bubbly cheerleader, Patty Simcox, while Matt Carvalho of Mattapoisett plays Doody, the boyish Burger Palace boy with a disarming smile. Other local students include Charlie Dineen of Marion as Teen Angel; Tayler Rogers of Falmouth as a Lead Pink Lady; Cam Baer of Sandwich as Eugene Florczyk, the nerdy class valedictorian; and Marc Millette of Marion as a greaser.

Other principle roles include: Connor Cook of Colorado as Danny Zuko, the leader of the Burger Palace Boys; Kate Marshall of New York as Frenchy; Katie Bresnahan of Beverly, MA, as Jan; Brian Lee of Seoul, Korea, as Roger; Lachlan Hyatt of Colorado as Vince Fontaine; Tenzin Chodak of Newark, NJ, as Johnny Casino; Hannah Rolighed of Winnetka, IL, as Miss Lynch; Amber Harris of Fairburn, GA, as Cha-Cha DiGregorio.

John M. Heavey is the director, and David Horne is the musical director. The choreographer is Danielle LaTullippe. Richard Van Voris is the technical director assisted ably by Susan Kistler. Junior Maddy Kistler of Marion is the lighting designer while Senior Jack Gordon, also of Marion, is the stage manager. Junior April Mihalovich of Buzzards Bay is the associate stage manager. Annemarie Fredericks and Kate Hill head up the costume design team.

Admission is free and seating is open; no tickets are required.

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