SHS Presents ‘The Wind and the Lion’

On Friday, September 14, the public is invited to enjoy another installment of the Sippican Historical Society’s popular program, Classic Film Fridays. One Friday each month, the Society presents a classic movie and offers a discussion on its historical context or significance.  This month’s film, The Wind and the Lion, is based on the Perdicaris Incident of 1904, in which American businessman Ion Perdicaris was kidnapped in Morocco and held for ransom.

The incident is often remembered for the statement made by US Secretary of State, John Hay, “Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead.” John Huston is featured as the Secretary of State, with Candice Bergen and Sean Connery in leading roles. John Hay lived in Marion while he and John Nicolay edited their serialized biography of President Lincoln, for whom they had served as private secretaries and assistants.

Classic Film Fridays are held at the Marion Music Hall (164 Front Street) and are offered free of charge to the public. Films begin at 7:00 pm and refreshments are available. For more information, contact the SHS at 508-748-1116.

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