Rochester Land Trust Walk

The public is invited to join the Rochester Land Trust on another of its walks from the Explore Rochester booklet, published jointly by RLT and Rochester Conservation Commission. This month’s walk will be at the Wildlands Trust’s Delano Memorial Forest on Sunday, May 18 at 1:00 pm. We will park and enter the property at the entrance on Mary’s Pond Road just north of the intersection of Walnut Plain Road. The walk should take about an hour in both directions and will take place rain or shine. It is open to all ages and would be suitable for young children. Please dress for an easy walk over relatively flat terrain, but remember we are in tick and herring fly territory.

This walk will focus on the birds and flowers of spring. Many birds will still be migrating, and we hope to help give a bird name to some of the songs you have been hearing in your backyards. This particular property features both pinewoods and riverside habitats, so a variety of species should be seen (and heard). Also now, many of the spring ephemerals are in bloom before they disappear for another year. We will also look for Lady Slippers and show where Mayflowers, our state flower, bloom on “Mayflower Ridge” for folks to revisit in February/March of next year.

Please join the RLT for what should be an informative and enjoyable hour in the woods of Rochester.

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