Nasketucket Bird Club Meeting

Ever wonder about those summertime flying cigars with wings way up in the sky? Find out more about those mosquito-eating machines at the next meeting of the Nasketucket Bird Club, Thursday evening March 23, at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library at 7:00 pm. The library is located on Barstow Street and is handicapped accessible.

Chimney Swifts have a unique relationship with, and dependency upon, humans. Come learn about this fascinating connection and how you can help.

Alan Kneidel is currently doing research at Delaware State University focusing on how climate change may affect the ecological functioning of barrier island ecosystems as globally important avian stopover sites. Previously, Alan has worked at Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences as a Lead Bander and Shorebird Scientist; Klamath Bird Observatory; and fieldwork for a variety of universities.

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