MCS Class of 1952 Celebrates 60th Anniversary

In mid-July, members of the graduating class of 1952, Mattapoisett Center School, will gather in friendship at Shipyard Park to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this event.

On Wednesday, June 18, 1952, graduating exercises were held for 29 ninth graders. The program for the ceremony was held in the auditorium of the original school building built by Henry Huttleston Rogers.

Most of these graduates would move on to Fairhaven High School.  The births of 12 of the graduates are recorded in the Town Report of 1937. Six of the classmates, John A. Dexter, Louise Fuller, Richard A. Keyes, Allen Silveira, Joan Tinkham and Bruce York are known to be deceased. We remember them.

We remember Shirley Dexter who was with us from first grade until ninth grade. The graduates listed on the program are: Laura Andrews, Edna May Bowman, Audrey Brito, Donald Correia, Raymond Dextraze, Nancy Dunn, Joan ellis, Eleanor Faria, Charles Hiller, James Hubbard, Arnett Jenkins, Jocelyn Kinney, Betty Linhares, Sandra Linhares, Jo Ann Longmore, Margaret Montgomery, Harvey Pendleton, Nancy Rebello, William Rowland, Patricia Silveira, Sylvia Souza, Judith Taylor and Norman Waite.

Seven of these students live in Mattapoisett today. Four live in Massachusetts. Others live in Arizona, California, Florida, Maine, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island and Wyoming.  The committee is looking for information about classmates Laura Andrews and Nancy Dunn.

We invite everyone to join us at our celebration. For more information, contact Donald Correia at or call 508-758-4738.

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