Youth Baseball Merger

Old Rochester Little League (ORLL) and Rochester Youth Baseball (RYB) are pleased to announce they have merged to form one youth baseball organization under the ORLL name to serve the communities of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester. ORLL, which was founded in 2011, allows boys and girls four and a half to 12 years old from Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester the opportunity to play Little League Baseball. Founded in 1978, RYB has provided the youth of Rochester the opportunity to play baseball as an independent organization. Last season, more than 250 boys and girls from the Tri-Town area participated in ORLL while another 200 played in RYB.

“Old Rochester Little League was founded several years ago to provide youths in Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester a fun and competitive environment to play baseball across the Tri-Town area,” ORLL President Peter Johnson said. “Now that RYB and ORLL have merged, we believe that this will strengthen our league and allow for the kids of the Tri-Town to have a more enjoyable experience playing baseball with their peers from all three towns.”

“Rochester Youth Baseball is proud to merge with ORLL to provide the kids of the Tri-Town area the best baseball playing experience possible,” said Wayne Bellemare of RYB and newly elected Vice President of ORLL. “Our kids are playing football, soccer and other youth sports across the three towns, so it is only natural that baseball would also follow suit.”

Registration for the 2013 ORLL season will begin on Saturday, December 1 and will run through the end of January. For more information and registration forms, parents should visit the ORLL website at

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