Tri-Town Basketball Finals Night

We hope you all enjoyed the season. Finals night was a huge success. For those of you that were unable to attend, here is a recap of the three games.

            The Boys Grade 3/4 Division championship was decided between Tide and Gators.  Luke Bienz, playing point guard for the Tide, had 4 points in the first quarter, and Flynn Carroll had 2 for the Gators. Jacob Emery scored 4 points, and Brogan Leary scored 2 along with monster rebounding for the Tide in the second quarter. Cole Hemenway had 2 points for the Gators.

            The score was 10-4 at the half, but Carroll had another bucket, and Maverick Leahy hit a foul shot for the Gators. Elijah Rickson hit one for Tide. In the fourth quarter, Cassidy Riker had the last bucket for Team Tide. Nolan Rider rallied with 6 points for the Gators. The Tide managed to hold on to their lead and won, 14-13.

            The Boys Grade 5/6 Division title was contested by Celtics and Bulls. The Celtics came out strong in the first quarter with 4 points from Cam Eitas and 2 from Drew Gaspar. They rebounded and fought for every loose ball. Addison Cleary had 2 points for the Bulls. In the second quarter, Richie Redsicker had 5 points, and Jason Bastoni had 4 for the Celtics. Wyatt Churchill battled on the boards and had 2 points for the Bulls.

            In the second half, Cleary scored again for the Bulls, and Churchill and John Rousseau had 5 points each. Owen Rider had 4 points in the third quarter.  Eitas and Redsicker each had 2 more, and Rowan Caulkins hit a foul shot for the Celtics. Bastoni finished strong with 4 points late in the fourth quarter to help the Celtics prevail at 28-18.

            The Girls Division pitted Friars against Wolverines. Erin Fahy scored the only bucket in the first quarter for the Wolverines. Ellie Jacobsen scored 2, and Elsa Pothier scored 4 in the second quarter. Morgan Tripp got the Friars on the board with 2 in the second. The Wolverines were up 8-2 at the half.

            Sydney Bates and Kendall Correia both hit for the Friars in the third quarter, and Fahy had another bucket for the Wolverines to end the third at 10-6. Correia scored again in the fourth to make it a two-point gap, but the Wolverines prevailed to win the game, 10-8.

            A huge thank you to all of the coaches and referees for a great season. A shout out to Liam Geraghty and Sawyer Fox, co-captains of the boys Old Rochester Regional High School boys basketball team for their team introductions and commentary.

            We hope to see you all on the courts again next season.

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