Mattapoisett Yacht Club Awards Dinner

The MYC Awards were held on October 15 under the tent on a beautiful day. Commodore Warren held a brief business meeting, explaining all that lies ahead for the yacht club after the tragic fire at the Boatyard, which also leveled the yacht club building. Starting from scratch offers exciting opportunities and we look forward to a new beginning.

Commodore Warren then presented the racing awards:

            Tuesday Night Ensign series:

One Love – June 1st/ July 3rd/ August 2nd

Odyssey- June 3rd/ July 2nd/ August 1st

Black Ice- July 1st/ August 3rd

Brou ha ha- June 1st

Commodore Prouty Trophy for overall winner—- One Love

            Wednesday Night PHRF series, Class A

No Quarter Given- June 2nd/ July 1st/ August 1st

Kindred Spirits- June 1st/ July 2nd/ August 3rd

Restless – June 3rd/ July3rd/ August 2nd

Overall Winner of the Charles H. Whalen Trophy— No Quarter Given

            Class B

Chickadee- June 1st/ August 3rd

Fir na Tine- June 2nd/ August 2nd

Hambuglar- July 1st/ August 1st

Voyager- June 3rd

Strider- July2nd

Aquina- July 3rd

Overall Winner of the Stackpole Memorial Trophy- Chickadee

            Other awards passed out:

Sue McGowan Trophy( Class B, highest winning percentage) Hambuglar

Mattapoisett Boatyard Phoenix Club— Brou ha ha

MYC Spring Round The Bay-

Spinnaker Class——-Kindred Spirits, 2nd—-Ceildh, 3rd

Non Spinnaker Class———-Blue Pigeon, 2nd

MYC Fall Round The Bay

Non Spinnaker Class— No Quarter Given, 1st

BYC Tower Race— Kindred Spirits, 1st —Ceildh, 2nd

Buzzards Yacht Club RTB—-Kindred Spirits, 1st

Quissett RTB— Ceildh, 2nd —- Kindred Spirits, 3rd

Overall Winner of the Buzzards Bay Trophy—- Spinnaker Class: Kindred Spirits

            After the awards, Ed Sargent presented next years slate of officers:

Commodore, Rich Gleason

Vice Commodore, Andy Wingate

Rear Commodore, Jim Barnes

Secretary, Bill Foley

Treasurer, Charlie Smith

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