Matos Named SCC MVP

Neva Matos has been named MVP of the South Coast Conference in girls tennis. As a sophomore playing at first singles, Matos led Old Rochester Regional High School to an undefeated regular season and to the MIAA Division 3 state tournament’s final eight teams for the second straight year. ORR’s SCC All-Stars for the 2024 spring sports season are listed below by sport.


All-Stars: Noah Bongiorno, senior.

Honorable Mention: Aiden Eagle, senior; Colen Mello, senior.

Sportsmanship: Jason Tobin, senior.


All-Stars: Tara Goldman, senior.

Honorable Mention: Rylee Kouta, senior; Alexandra Fiano, sophomore.

Sportsmanship: Maeve Hunter, Grade 8.

Boys Lacrosse

All-Stars: Andrew Nee, junior; Brady Reardon, junior.

Honorable Mention: David Lally, junior; Caleb Bousquet, junior.

Sportsmanship: Henry Cooney, senior.

Girls Lacrosse

All-Stars: Kelly Quinlan, senior; Carolina Brogioli, junior; Tessa Winslow, junior; Lulu Johnson, senior.

Honorable Mention: Amber Engel, senior; Erin Cardinal, junior.

Sportsmanship: Paetyn Tripp, senior.

Boys Tennis

All-Stars: Peter le Gassick, junior.

Honorable Mention: Zack Maurao, junior; Luke Pierre, sophomore.

Sportsmanship: Ethan Miguel.

Girls Tennis

All-Stars: Neva Matos, sophomore; Macy Ingham, sophomore; Liz Houdelette, junior; Mari Sudofsky, junior.

Honorable Mention: Delaney Chase, junior; Emily Wyman, junior.

Sportsmanship: Caroline Houdelette, senior.

Boys Track & Field

All-Stars: John Bowman, senior; Nolan Bushnell, junior; Tyler Young, junior; Noah Robert-Howley, sophomore; Wesner Archelus, junior; Zachary Gates, junior; Calder Eaton, junior.

Honorable Mention: Hunter Bishop, senior; Braden Christopher, junior.

Sportsmanship: Theo Cecil, senior.

Girls Track & Field

All-Stars: Audrey Thomas junior; Delilah Post, sophomore; Aubrey Heisse, senior; Emily Abbott, senior.

Honorable Mention: Maddie Conner, junior; Cassidy Carroll, freshman.

Sportsmanship: Hannah Whalley, senior.

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