Girls’ Cross Country Competes in Div. 2 All State Meet

Here is a look at the eleventh week of official scheduled games for Old Rochester Regional High School fall athletics.

Girls’ Cross Country: The girls competed in the Division 2 All State meet on Saturday and placed 13th out of 19 teams. Seven girls from Old Rochester qualified for the meet. Junior Madisen Martin led the Bulldogs and placed 54th overall with a time of 21:05. She was followed by senior Avery Nugent (74th, 21:35), senior Riley Shaughnessy (75th, 21:36), junior Maddi Scheub (116th, 23:37), sophomore Claire Noble-Shriver (146th, 23:37), junior Samantha Ball (151st, 24:00), and freshman Jaqueline Barret (154th, 24:10).

Below are the overall fall team records, followed by the conference records in wins, losses, and ties as of November 20:

Volleyball: (13-9-0) (1-19-0); Field Hockey: (10-4-4) (9-5-2); Girls’ Soccer: (14-4-1) (11-5-1); Boys’ Soccer: (6-7-6) (5-6-5); Golf: (12-3-0) (12-3-0); Girls’ Cross Country: (9-0-0) (7-0-0); Boys’ Cross Country: (9-0-0) (7-0-0); Football: (7-0-0) (8-2-0).

By Kaitlin Kelley

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