Angelica Yacht Club

Angelica Yacht Club held its Sailing Awards / Cookout on Labor Day. Angelica YC, located on Point Connett, Mattapoisett has been racing sailboats, starting with the Beetle Cats in the 1940’s thru the 1970’s then transitioning into the Alcort sunfish. They run the races off Tuttle pier, which allows great spectator views of the races on Sunday morning.  There are currently two divisions, a Beginners’ class which allows beginners of all ages a chance to sail with a more experienced sailor and an Open division for advanced sailors.

            After the cookout, Commodore Dan Warren opened the meeting by thanking all those who helped throughout the summer. After some business details were discussed, it was time for the awards.

            Kids ruled the day as they usually do, receiving flags for their weekly races and series awards for each month. It was quite a group this year and everyone had fun.

            Series Winners were:

4th of July Beginners – Emily Warren

4th of July Open – Dan Warren

July Beginners – Nina Kane

August Beginners – Emily Warren

Labor Day Series Beginners – Tommy Warren

Labor Day Series Open – Dan Warren

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