The ‘Best’ and ‘Mostly Likely To’ of ORR

The early months of the year bring award show season, which was in full force at Old Rochester Regional High School on February 7!

Last week, the Class of 2018 hosted the annual Senior Superlative Awards Gala. Students and parents gathered in the auditorium for a night of fun as they revealed the winners of the peer awards.

Although the seniors’ special night was one of celebration for their peers, it was also one of a community in mourning. Becket Kiernan, a Marine from the ORRHS Class of 2017, passed away early last week. Last year, he had been the recipient of the “Best Laugh” and “Unsung Class Hero” awards, and the seniors held a moment of remembrance for him.

Seniors Christian Hotte and Michael Sivvianakis hosted the event and introduced each of the 52 awards. One of the highlights of the night was definitely the final award of the night. Ian Craig made his way up to receive the “Best Friend” award to a standing ovation by the entire audience.

The first award of the night, though, for “Best Dressed” went to Mackenzie Good and Italian exchange student Matteo Momigliano with raucous applause. When jokingly asked why he was wearing what he was that night, Momigliano replied, “It was the first thing I saw.”

“Gym Warrior” went to quarterback Harry Smith, who recently committed to play football and track at Southern Connecticut State University.

“Show us the fruit of your labors and show us your guns,” Hotte said, gaining some cheers as Smith flexed for the audience.

Ainslee Bangs took home “Best Hair,” and when asked what her hair treatment secret is, she simply said, “I wash it.”

“Best Facial Expressions” went to Andrew Miller, and Maddie Martin claimed the “Most School Spirit” award. When “Most Likely to be Your Boss” winner Sam Pasquill was asked how he would be the best boss, he replied, “Just give everyone a job and employ them.”

“Best Smile” went to Lindsey Merolla, who gave the audience a grin, and Jake Thompson won “Most Likely to Cheer You Up.” Abby Dyson was quick to say Spain would be her first destination as “Most Likely to Travel the World” winner.

“What gaming console is superior?” Sivvianakis asked Emo Schiappa, winner of “Best Gamer.”

“Oh, that’s easy: tablet,” Schiappa said to rounds of laughter.

“Best Beard” went to Alex Lorenz, Mackenzie Drew was voted “Most Likely to Come Back and Teach at ORR,” and Chris Savino and Elle Gendreau were crowned “Drama King and Queen.”

“Super Fan” Parker Truesdale thought for a long moment when asked what his least favorite sport to watch was. His reply of “tennis” drew controversial “oohs” from the audience and some scattered chuckles.

Destyn Miranda won “Best Sneakers,” Carly Demanche took home “Best Sneeze,” and Harry Smith also won “Most Likely to Win an Olympic Medal.” Cam Buler was named “Most Likely to Be Late at Graduation,” and his absence from the gala only led to laughter over how spot-on the award appeared to be.

“Worst Case of Senioritis” went to Sam Ellis, who said one of the symptoms was: “I do not want to be [at school] any day.” He also won “Most Likely to Tell It Like It Is” alongside Kacey Henriques, deadpanning that the show was “awful” when asked how it was going so far.

“Most Likely to be a Farmer” winner Aidan Thayer joked that he was planning to grow grass as his crop, and “Class Clown” Kat Tracy said “No” when asked to tell a joke, drawing wild applause from her peers.

Hannah Powers was voted “Most Likely to Write the Next Harry Potter,” and “Best Whip” went to Tanner Figuriedo and his car, ‘Bertha.’ “Teacher’s Pet” was won by Maddie Martin, who gave a shout out to all her teachers “…For giving me good participation grades!”

After a quick intermission, Matteo Momigliano was awarded “Best Accent” as the senior class had unanimously voted him winner of the award. “Most Likely to Have Their Artwork Sell for Millions” went to Lindsey Merolla, and Cam DeMarco won “Most Likely to ‘Murica,’” a playful name for being patriotic.

Mike Fisher won “Best Candidate for the CIA,” but he wasn’t there to pick up his award … or was he?

“I’m sure he’s undercover,” Hotte joked.

Chris Savino was “Most Likely to Burst into Song at Lunch,” and Hannah Ciccatelli won “Most Likely to Trip at Graduation,” commenting that she “…Didn’t wear heels to the gala for a reason.”

Evan Tilley was voted “Most Likely to Invent the Next iPhone,” and when asked what he would improve about it, he replied, “Get an Android!”

Bennett Fox and Madison Carvalho were both named “Biggest Flirt,” while “Cutest Couple that Never Was” went to Ainslee Bangs and Jahn Pothier, who shared a hug before going offstage. This year’s “Best Laugh” award went to Celia Deverix, and Emily Marraffa won “Most Likely to Have an iTunes Hit.”

Arissa Francis and Sam Ellis both were awarded “Best Eyes,” and “Most Likely to Get the Teacher Off Topic” winner Zach Kelley said that the estimate of the cumulative amount of time he’s wasted in classes was “not enough.” Jack Roussell said as “Most Likely to be on a Reality TV Show” that he’d be best suited for the show Naked and Afraid.

“Best Bromance” was awarded to Zach Kelley and Kyle Gillis, while “Best Comebacks” went to Bryce Miedzionoski. Trevor Stopka was voted “Most Likely to Get in a Fender Bender in the Parking Lot,” and Evan Tilley won “Most Likely to Change the World.” Evan Costa is “Most Likely to Become President” out of the class, while Haleydawn Amato is “Most Likely to Become a YouTube Star,” and Harry Smith is “Most Likely to have an Autograph That is Worth Money Someday.” Meanwhile, Jenna Aruri won “Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket.”

In the realm of Hollywood, Caroline Regis won “Best Celebrity Lookalike” with Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler on the Netflix show Stranger Things. Jahn Pothier was also awarded “Most Likely to be on Jeopardy,” and Jack Roussell took his second award for “Most Likely to Get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

What movie will he get his start in? “The Emoji Movie 2, in theaters July 2019!” he said triumphantly, drawing laughs and cheers from his classmates.

Finally, Evan Tilley was voted “Most Likely to Succeed,” which was pointed out to be true with his success in winning multiple awards that night.

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By Jo Caynon

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