Tabor to Break Ground on New Dormitory

At their fall meeting on October 13, Tabor Academy’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to forge ahead on the construction of Cornelia Hall, a new dormitory set to break ground by the end of the month.

With the planning and permitting process completed last spring with the Town of Marion’s Planning Board, Cornelia Hall came off the drawing boards and into reality when the trustees voted to commence construction in hopes of having the building envelope closed up before winter. The new facility forwards Tabor’s goals of providing excellent educational and residential life facilities throughout campus.

Cornelia Hall, to be located along Spring Street adjacent to Matsumura House, constructed in 2015, will improve the residential experience of students and generate efficiencies across campus.

Rather than build a copy of Matsumura House, the school charged Will Saltonstall ’82, principal of Saltonstall Architects, to seek insights from a faculty committee and the inhabitants of Matsumura House to improve on his popular original design. “We designed the new dorm along similar lines, but with slightly narrower hallways and a more defined common area based on the feedback from students and faculty. The two-story entry, large windows, hanging hallway, and bright accent colors mirror the open feeling of Matsumura House, features everyone has enjoyed. Quiet study nooks and a café area, popular features among students, will also be included in Cornelia Hall,” reported Saltonstall.

“The new dormitory marks some excellent momentum in our efforts to improve residential facilities at Tabor,” said Dean of Students, Tim Cleary. “Cornelia Hall provides yet another modern residential facility with generous common areas where students can interact with faculty and friends in a learning living community.”

All in all, Cornelia Hall provides Tabor with many options for improving housing for faculty and students across campus now and into the future.

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