Tabor Academy to the Rescue

The Shoolman Preserve, co-owned by the Mattapoisett and Rochester Land Trusts, has one of the most popular woods walks in Rochester. The recent wet spring revealed that the bog-bridges that had been installed last winter didn’t go far enough to keep visitors’ feet dry.

As part of the Tabor Academy ‘Day of Service,’ seven students – Gillan Campbell, Finn McCain, Tayler Rogers, Kyle Squires, Noah Tidus, Avaline Wilson, and Alex Zhang – along with teacher Roxie Bratton came to the trusts’ assistance on September 30. They joined trust volunteers Art Benner, Bill Taylor, Bruce MacPhail, Mike Huguenin, Norene Hartley, Rosemary Smith, and David Smith in installing 150 feet of additional bridging. The young, energetic students were a huge help in moving the 8’x2”x10” planks a quarter-mile along the trail to the worksite where they joined the more senior volunteers in assembling the bridges. Some students enjoyed their first chance to operate power drills and screwdrivers.

Much was accomplished in 2½ hours. The land trusts appreciate everyone’s efforts as will future trail walkers. Shoolman Preserve is located at 200 New Bedford Road in Rochester.

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